Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King attributes "the bungled and the botched" to Nietzsche

Googling "the bungled and the botched" gets you the Wikipedia page on a drone doom album by Nadja. I posted on the Talk page, no mention of Nietzsche?

Found this thread, seems Bertrand Russell came up with the phrase in his History of Western Philosophy, so not original to Nietzsche himself.

From Nietzsche's Beyod Good and Evil: "O you fools, you presumptuous, pitying fools, what have you done! Was this a work for your hands! How you have bungled and botched my beautiful stone! What a thing for you to take upon yourselves!"

But the above Reg Hollingdale translation was from 1973, 27 years after Russell's AHOWP. An independently invented meme-phrase back-translated into the attributed author's body of work.

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