hourse burned down

11 jan: around 1am, heard shouting from outside, thought maybe street fight or car accident, was going to take a look, picked up collapsible baton. then banging on gate, someone shouted "sunog!" saw flames coming out the front window of george's room. shit shit! ran back, told tinx to get momo, our cat. george room's always locked, but the door had a small glass window. used the baton to bash the glass. looked through the window, glowing orange inside. pounded on ernie's door, wake up. lights went out, circuit breakers blew, i grabbed a flashlight. got bucket of water from bathroom, tossed water in through window. back to bathroom for another bucket, toss, this isn't working. there was a fire extinguisher somewhere, but that was years ago and the fire's blazing now. started to think, this isnt just the room, whole place is going up. tinx got out, things getting dark. went back in for momo. remembered how smoke kills more than fire, stayed low, smoke already down to waist level. i hurled a cabinet aside like it was nothing, calling out for momo. went out for air, back in, getting thick, no time, pulled tinx out. anguish and fear, opened windows, hoped momo would get out. big tongue of flame in the way, coming out of living room window, had to duck, ran out.

that all happened in a space of about 10 or 15 mins.

outside looking at the house, place went up like the tinderbox it was. fire hazard deathtrap. front door was locked, we had to go longer way around the back. should've moved out. big fire, people shouting that maybe the cars would blow. things happened fast, full blaze by 1.30 when the first firetruck arrived. firehoses, water, a few more firetrucks came in, fire was out around 3am but the house was almost completely burned out.

tinx had gotten an armful of clothes and my acer netbook. neighbors got both our bikes out. other than that i had nothing except the clothes i was wearing.

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  1. I'm so so sorry to hear this. And terribly sorry about your cat. I hope you and Tinx manage to pick yourselves up


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