Requires Hate, punching up, trying to do good

So there was this blog, Requires Only That You Hate. (Trigger warning... all of them) Somewhat Internet-famous, once memorably described as "performance rage." It was kinda amazing, in a horrible way, savagely slagging sf books and authors, playing the sexist or privilege card on everything within range. Apparently some people have been tracking this anonymous troll/drama queen since back when LiveJournal was a thing.

I've been on the Internet a long while, I like to think I'm as jaded as the next guy. But this trolling was weapons-grade, it wound me up, it was infuriating and made me want to engage. I mean, I'm not white, that's worth something isn't it? Sanity prevailed and I stayed out of the fray, but I kept reading and put her blog in my RSS feed reader. It was a great vaccination, because truly, afaik Requires Hate is the ne plus ultra of trolling.

Requires Hate got doxxed, outed as Thai blogger and Campbell Award nominee Benjanun Sriduangkaew.

So what's the point, what's the lesson to be learned? Hateblogging is counterproductive. Hateblogging is stupid. Maybe not a stretch to say that hateblogging is evil. Here's Laura J. Mixon's compendious rundown on Requires Hate's attacks, one of which apparently caused a suicide attempt. Another lesson, social justice rhetoric is easily weaponized. RH bounced around for a while, but settled on social justice language as the perfect vehicle for the vitriol. Vicious righteousness, what more can you ask for?

Sriduangkaew's public apology says "I believed I was doing good and was punching up." How's that? Requires Hate is forevermore my touchstone for radfem #killallmen fuckery. Performance rage indeed. Performance and posturing, take a tough stance and shout over everyone, instead of discussion and engagement, or God forbid, compassion and empathy.

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