Tipping point, maybe

Yudkowsky's The Robots, AI, and Unemployment Anti-FAQ. This is where I got the stat about how in olden times, 95% of the population were farmers, now it's only 2%, even though of course we produce way more food for billions of people. (How? Scientists like Norman Borlaug.)

Here's gwern's excellent and sobering commentary.
Alright, here's a kid with IQ 70. He can lift things under 40 pounds and put them where you tell him to. I'm afraid he can't read past a third-grade level, or anything like that. It's probably not a good idea to let him near any moving machinery either. Fortunately for you, he doesn't throw any violent temper tantrums and he doesn't steal - he's a sweet kid, willing to work. Just dumber than a stack of bricks. Take him down Main Street and see if anyone will hire him. How many job offers did he get?

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