Motorola Fire XT

About 15 years ago, I put together my first desktop from scavenged parts, had a default 600mhz processor and a 3gig hard drive. (Went into the BIOS to bump the cpu up to 800mhz, it felt awesome.) Now I have a cellphone with an 800mhz cpu, and I got a 16gig sd card to carry all my music and ebooks around in my pocket.

I looked around at a bunch of cheap Android phones, since I started seeing the Samsung Galaxy Y, then the LG Optimus Net, but I settled on the Motorola Fire XT. The camera's pretty awesome, got autofocus, macro, I can almost pick out the ridges on my thumbprint. The front light sensor's a bit weird, made the phone freeze up a couple of times, but figured I'd keep it on low brightness anyway. Touchscreen's tricky, I'd gotten used to how a qwerty keypad's easier to use in kinetic, high-noise environments like public transport commuting. Default apps are pretty blah, but I'm playing around with freebies, figuring out what works. Don't wanna do expensive and slow data transmission over the Globe network, so I just want apps that work offline, with occasional controlled wifi updating. So, ColorNote instead of Evernote, stuff like that. But all the music apps I've looked at so far just suck, not even close to the functionality on my Ubuntu players.

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