Nueva Vizcaya trip

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Imugan falls was beautiful. I have moderately-bad acrophobia, and one interesting effect was I was nervous on the 40-minute hike on foot up to the falls, but on the walk back I was so tired and hungry that I didn't care anymore. Maybe low blood sugar and mild exhaustion is a good way to desensitize. And I learned that the phrase "clear as a mountain stream" is totally for real.

Got to Barangay Malico around 3pm. Everyone kept saying "its gonna be cold up there" and I'd go, I brought 2 jackets, it'll be fine. Started raining a few hours after we got there, power went out the first night, and damn it was frakkin' COLD. Woke up shivering, put on both jackets, stayed bundled up the next 2 days.

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