The Mana World

I was looking for a free top-down Zelda-style rpg in the Ubuntu software center, found The Mana World. I'm playing as "ZoneSeek," straight-Dex archer. Still in alpha testing, but a small playerbase has its charms. I've casually played a couple of mmorpgs before, but The Mana World has the most helpful, non-dickish players I've ever seen. The other day a stranger saw me hacking through a tough quest and babysat me through it; pulled aggro, healed, killed the boss and handed me the drop. On the next quest, in odd, possibly Google-Translated English he offered to lend me a high-level set of armor to get me through the dungeon. This was an amazing, unheard-of level of trust between strangers on an mmorpg. So okay, farmed for a bit, and after a while, I gave the armors back. Thanks again matto!

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