the kamuning run

saying yes to little adventures is the way to keep from getting fat and boring.

got a cheap mountain bike from a little shop on kamuning road. rode it all the way home, which turned out to be way harder than i expected. i run twice a week, but this was different. biked along edsa then right onto east avenue, cut across city hall then took a break in the shade. heart racing, legs aching, and felt like i was gonna puke. drank 2 cups of sago, then hit the road again. circle around quezon memorial, then up commonwealth ave, then tandang sora and the home stretch.

afterwards, went to sm to look for a bike chain, but turns out they're way expensive. so i bought a dog chain and a combo lock.

tweak mode. wheel spokes were in a horrible state, tightened those up and took hours tuning them to true, level and straight. worked on brakes, they're pretty crappy and will probably be my first upgrade. lowered then raised the seat a bit. realigned the handlebars. now, riding around and breaking her in. i named the netbook molly, so maybe i'll call the bike danbala.

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