the many faces of hardware

sold off my asus 701 eeepc, bought a secondhand acer aspire d250. 10 inch screen, 4.5 hours battery life, and at last, a real keyboard. so i've been reconsidering the machines i've had over the years:

shirley: desktop, my first ever computer, a ramshackle frankenstein thing i cobbled together from the corpses of obsolete machines scavenged from friends and family. pentium 2, 4 gig hard drive, internal dialup modem, frustration factor off the charts. i had dreams (or nightmares) about the guts of that thing, from tinkering with it so much. a bunch of hard drives died on me.

wynona: secondhand desktop, i remember putting it together while watching kill bill.

karen: my first asus 701, my introduction to linux, and i learned how incredibly sucky windows really is.

julie: second asus, more tinkering, had to switch to winxp to make my broadband dongle work.

and then this acer i'm typing on right now. still thinking of a name, girlfriend suggested roxy.

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