silence will have to be enough

how much has music influenced you? almost none at all. i've often wondered about that. when i went to conventions, the softball question that i would pitch to writer panels is "who influenced you?" i got that from music, ask a music person that and they always blather on at length about all-time faves, what's currently on heavy rotation on their playlist, etc, etc.

i've listened to a lot, but it's not essential for me, i can walk away and live just fine without it. sometimes i get a craving for a song i haven't heard in a while, i put it on the playlist maybe a couple of days and then i'm back to indifferent.

so i love books, but music meh. maybe i've given myself over so wholeheartedly to explicit visual information that my mind doesn't have much room left for enjoying auditory emotional music. i remember that frank herbert's bene gesserit avoided music, basically saying it was a waste of time, a seductive but dangerous distraction.

PS, currenty listening to Love Spreads by The Stone Roses, and bunch of Yoko Kanno tracks from Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop.

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