I had a messageboard once, http://zoneseek.proboards37.com/index.cgi. Link doesn't work anymore, though Google search still shows some results for my old board, "The Memory Palace." Went over to the ProBoards support forum, looked up the FAQ:

Board Deletion?
If you think that your board was deleted, you may have violated the Terms of Service.
Please read the TOS and make sure your board met all the guidelines that you agreed to when you created your forum.
Read The Terms of Service Here
The most common offense is a Foreign Language Violation (Section 3C of the Terms of Service)
Do not post in support if you have violated the TOS. You will not be given back your board or any information that was on your board.

Section 3C of the TOS says: "User's message board and Web site must be in English."

Wow pare, grabe naman, ang daya yata nun, nadugas ako. :-(

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