Burn rate bragging

That last 10k did it, Vibram heel worn through. Call me Merrell-killer. Bought these 4 Aug 2014. I wanna get up to 15k before xmas.

William Gibson's The Peripheral

Quarter of the way through The Peripheral, no fucken clue wtf's going on. Halfway through, starting to make sense. Seems to be a feature, not a bug. But not sure this nut's worth the effort to crack. I love all of William Gibson's books in approximately descending order from Neuromancer on down, and even given that, the last trilogy was pretty damn good. But this last one, ehhh, I might just finish reading for the sake of finishing and never come back to it again.

Life and Death

Read the rest of the 5-panel webcomic at constructionpaperandtears.tumblr

Of course I don’t agree, Death is The Enemy. But there’s some resonance in the poetic feeling that deserves unpacking. Death is not the eternal archive of remembrance; Iain M. Banks, Sagan, Feynman, Heinlein, Asimov, they don’t look down upon us from any kind of afterlife, they’re fucking gone, annihilated. Cherishing their memory, legacy, and ideals mitigates the tragedy somewhat, but the keen agony of loss is still real and every bit justified.

We who honor the dead, we are all there is that stands between history and oblivion. If humanity were wiped out, the ecosystem woudn’t care a whit for our legacy, as vines grow over our works. Socrates, Einstein, all would have been for nothing.

Pawns and queens in the game

Quora analysis of chess piece survival rates

Only 6 out of 16 pawns have lower survival rates than queens. And if you're a knight, you're screwed.

Reminds me of The Wire:
"Pawns, man, in the game, they get capped quick, they be out the game early."
"Unless they some smart-ass pawns."

Ambition the film

Ambition, a film from the European Space Agency, with Aidan Gillen being awesome as usual. Headcanon: they're transhuman benders.
Scientists Compete to Hide Bob Dylan Lyrics In Their Research Papers

I should be able to play this game. "Her profession's her religion?" Or "Here comes the (double) blind comissioner?"
Thinking of making this my avatar
The arc of TH White's The Once & Future King parallels Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide books: starts off fun, gets increasingly grim.
Watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. So there's an orangutan who's a sort of... Librarian. Clicked just now. I am not a clever man.