Rememebering the Silver Walks

...and then they'd gone out walking, just ghosting the rainy streets together in what felt to Mona like some perfect harmony where you didn't need to talk. And that voice had been right, there was no jangle to the rush, no tight-jawed jitter, just this sense of something, maybe Mona herself, expanding out from a still center. And they'd found a park, flat lawns flooded with silver puddles, and gone all around the paths, and Mona had a name for that memory: the Silver Walks.
-William Gibson, Mona Lisa Overdrive

Seems "the silver walks" is from a song, "I'm So Free" by Lou Reed:
Do you remember the silver walks
You used to shiver and I used to talk
Then we went down to Times Square
And ever since I've been hangin' round there 

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