John C. Wright

I'm 7 chapters into John C. Wright's The Golden Age, and I'm surprised at how... amazingly good it is. I first heard of Wright when David Brin pwned Wright's Luddite foolishness. Later, wandering around, I read about Wright's apparently famous anti-gay blog post, which he soon deleted. But here's Hal Duncan's epic curb stomp on Wright, still high up on the Google search results.

I want to believe that this guy is an asshat. And certainly there's asshattery here: "If Vulcans had a church, they'd be Catholics." Really, Wright? Seriously? To add to Wright's sins, he even panned Ted Chiang's brilliant "Stories of Your Life and Others."

But it's the tale, not he who tells it. Obvious example, Lovecraft was a racist, and while not a Lovecraft fan, I respect the mythos.

EDIT: In the comments below, John C. Wright (seems legit) bizarrely claims David Brin was making it all up. So here's the link to Wright's Luddite blog post.


  1. You do know that David Brin was just making that up, right? I never said nor implied any of the things he attributed to me. When I wrote and told him privately, not wishing to embarrass the old man, he called me a liar, and said that HE knew the secret thoughts unspoken in my heart, but that I did not. That is why I never wrote any public rebuttal of his comments. -- John C. Wright

  2. What? David Brin was replying to this post on John C. Wright's livejournal:

    The Luddite blog post pining for the days of yore is still there.


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