Goodreads glitch

I'll post about books again eventually, warming up to it. But while I'm on the subject. I used to catalog my books on Shelfari, but then went on semi-hiatus cos the house burned down. Luckily I already had the majority of my library in ebook form. Then the consensus started to look like Goodreads was better, so I started up there, also as a way to catalog and differentiate what I still have, even with the ebooks I lost a lotta books.

Recently I noticed Goodreads said I had 42 books read, but 44 books total. I don't categorize book except to toss them into the default "read" pile, so I tried different options, even manually counted them, still only 42, not 44. Started to get OCD about this, where are those 2 missing books? So screw it, deleted em all, it's just 42 (or 44) I can rebuild that no problem. Goodreads STILL says I have 2 books.
Blah. Did the Help thing, bug report sent. There OCD, are you happy now?

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