Ursula Vernon's Digger has ended. I read it partway through about a year ago, came back and saw The End, went archive-diving and got caught up. Amazing, harrowing epic, with a unique protagonist that's the perfect point of view for the story. Obvious parallels with Pratchett, but clearly its own thing. Hope it wins the awards and recognition it richly deserves.

The comments in Digger are pretty good too, nerdy and informative. Thats how I found TopWebComics. Finished reading Scandinavia and the World and Twilight Monk, trawling for some other stuff to read.

It's cool how Vernon didn't campaign for votes, Digger's (brief) spike in the rankings was real grassroots stuff coming from the commentariat. And Digger will stand as a milestone long after this year's popularity contests are forgotten.

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