Got an email from, "Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it a 7.9 score out of (10) in the Personal Blogs category of
This is quite an achievement!" Well, ok then.

Looks like blogging from the phone still doesn't work. It's not the code salad anymore, but prev blank post was supposed to be a pic. Working out a tedious kluge, transfer pics from phone memory card to usb reader, la di dah. Otherwise I'm having fun with the N70, I ganked like 4gigs of mp3s from a friend of mine, and I've listened to most of it. Then my desktop monitor died. :\

Got a Quantum of Solace cd, and the street hawker threw in season 1-3 of Avatar the Last Airbender for a discount. The new Bond was kinda meh, but dang, Avatar rawks. I watched the first few eps way back when, no big deal. But it's a wonderful thing, so rare on tv, a reverse shark-jump, where a blah series turns into something extraordinary.

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