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WINE CELLAREntrance to DarknessWorker's BreakroomHall of StruggleSmokebarrel StairWine Guild HallFine Vintage VaultChamber of FearThe Reckoning RoomA Laborer's ThirstThe Rich Drown in WineRoom of Rotten GrapesBlackmarket of WinesThe GallowsRoom of Cheap Red WineRoom of Cheap White WineThe Greedy One's DenThe Hero's Winehall
CATACOMBSHall of Sworn RevengeThe Last BlessingThe Weeping CorridorPersecution HallRodent-Ridden ChamberShrine to the MartyrsThe Lamenting MotherHall of Dying HopeBandit's HideoutThe Bloody HallwayFaith Overcame FearThe Withered SpringWS Work of ArtRepent, O Ye SinnersThe Reaper's VictimsThe Last Stab of HopeHallway of HeroesThe Beast's Domain
SANCTUMPrisoner's NicheCorridor of the ClericsPriest's ConfinementTheology ClassroomThe Academia CorridorAlchemist's LaboratoryShrine of the MartyrsHallowed HopeHall of SacrilegeAdvent GroundPassage of the RefugeesThe Cleansing ChantryStairway to the Light
ABANDONED MINES B1Dreamer's EntranceThe CrossingMiner's Resting HallThe Suicide KingThe Battle's BeginningWhat Lies AheadThe Fruits of FriendshipConflict and AccordThe End of the LineThe Earthquake's MarkCoal Mine StorageThe Passion of LoversThe Hall of HopeThe Dark TunnelRust in PeaceEverwant PassageMining RegretsThe SmeltryClash of HyaenasGreed Knows no BoundsLive Long and ProsperPray to the Mineral GodsTraitor's PartingEscapeway
ABANDONED MINES B2Corridor of ShadeRevelation ShaftGambler's PassageThe Miner's EndTreaty RoomWay of Lost ChildrenHidden ResourcesDesire's PassageSenses LostCrossing of BloodThe Abandoned CatspawHall of ContemplationHall of the Empty SconeAcolyte's Burial VaultThe Fallen BricklayerCry of the BeastThe Ore of LegendSuicidal DesiresLambs to the SlaughterA Wager of Noble BloodKilroy Was HereFool's Gold, Fool's LossTomb of the RebornThe Lunatic VeinsBandit's HollowWork, Then DieDelusions of HappinessDining in DarknessSubtellurian Horrors
LIMESTONE QUARRYDark Abhors LightDream of the Holy LandThe Ore RoadAlone For EternityStair to SanctuaryThe Fallen HallThe Rotten CoreThe Air StirsBonds of FriendshipBacchus is CheapScreams of the WoundedThe Ore-BearersThe Dreamer’s ClimbSinner’s SustenanceThe Timely Dew of SleepCompanions in ArmsThe Auction BlockAscensionWhere the Serpent HuntsDrowned in Fleeting JoyAnts Prepare for WinterThe Laborer's BonfireStone and Sulfurous FireTorture Without EndWay DownExcavated HollowParting RegretsCorridor of TalesDust Shall Eat the DaysHall of the Wage-PayingTunnel of the Heartless
TEMPLE OF KILTIAThe Dark CoastHall of PrayerThose Who Drink the DarkThe Chapel of MeschaunceThe Resentful OnesThose Who Fear the LightChamber of ReasonExit to City Center
CATHEDRAL B1Sanity and MadnessTruth and LiesOrder and ChaosThe Victor's LaurelsStruggle for the SoulAn Offering of Souls
CATHEDRAL L1The Flayed ConfessionalMonk's LeapWhere Darkness SpreadsHieratic RecollectionsA Light in the DarkThe Poisoned ChapelSin and PunishmentCracked PlesuresInto Holy Battle
CATHEDRAL L2He Screams for MercyThe Acolyte's WeaknessAn Arrow into DarknessLight and Dark Wage WarThe Hall of Broken VowsThe Melodics of MadnessWhat Ails You, Kills YouFree From Base DesiresAbasement From AboveThe Convent RoomMaelstrom of Malice
CATHEDRAL L3The Heretic's StoryDespair of the FallenThe Wine-Lecher's FallHopes of the IdealistWhere the Soul Rots
CATHEDRAL L4The Atrium: pinnacle
FORGOTTEN PATHWAYStair to the SinnersSlaughter of the InnocentThe Oracle Sins No MoreThe Fallen KnightAwaiting Retribution
ESCAPEWAYShelter From the QuakeBuried AliveMovement of FearFacing Your IllusionsThe Darkness DrinksFear and LoathingBlood and the BeastWhere Body and Soul Part:
IRON MAIDEN L1The CageThe CauldronWooden HorseStarvationThe Breast RipperThe BranksThe WheelThe FearThe Judas CradleThe WhirligigSpanish TicklerHeretic's ForkThe Chair of SpikesBloodingBootikensBurialBurningCleansing of the SoulThe Ducking StoolThe GarroteHangingImpalementKnotting
IRON MAIDEN L2The Eunic's LotOrdeal By FireThe Oven at NeissePressingThe Mind BurnsThe RackThe SawThe Cold’s BrideThe Shin-ViceThe SpiderSqassationLead SprinklerPendulumDraggingTabilitasStrangulationThe StrappadoThumbscrewsTongue SlicerTormentum InsomniaeOrdeal By WaterBrank
IRON MAIDEN L3The Iron MaidenJudgementSaint Elmo's BeltDunking the Witch
UNDERCITY WESTWS GodhandsThe Bread-Peddler's WayWay of the Mother-LodeSewer of Ravenous RatsBeggars of the MouthharpCorner of the WretchedCrossroads of RestPath of the GreengrocerPath of the ChildrenUnderdark FishmarketThe Sunless WayRemembering Days of YoreLarder for a Lean WinterWhere the Hunter ClimbedHall of PovertyWhere Flood Waters RanThe Crumbling MarketTears From Empty SocketsThe Washing-Woman's WayNameless Dark OblivionSinner's CornerThe Children's HideoutFear of the FallCorner of PrayersHope ObstructedSalvation for the MotherThe Body Fragile YieldsBite the Master’s Wounds
UNDERCITY EASTHall to a New WorldPlace of Free WordsBazaar of the BizarreNoble Gold and SilkWeapons Not AllowedA Knight Sells His SwordGemsword BlackmarketThe Pirate's SonSale of the SwordThe Greengrocer’s StairWhere Black Waters RanArms Against InvadersCatspaw Backmarket
THE KEEPThe Warrior's RestWS Keane's CraftsThe Soldier's BeddingA Storm of ArrowsUrge the Boy OnA Taste of the SpoilsWiping Blood from Blades
CITY WALLS WESTStudents of DeathThe Gabled HallWhere the Master Fell
CITY WALLS SOUTHThe Weeping BoySwords for the LandIn Wait of the FoeWhere Weary Riders RestThe Boy's Training Room
CITY WALLS EASTTrain and Grow StrongThe Squire's GatheringThe Invaders are FoundThe Dream-WeaversThe Cornered Savage
CITY WALLS NORTHTraces of Invasion PastFrom Squire to KnightBe For Battle PreparedDestruction and RebirthFrom Boy to HeroA Welcome Invasion
SNOWFLY FORESTThe Hunt BeginsWhich Way HomeThe Birds and the BeesTraces of the BeastFluttering HopeReturn of the LandThe Yellow WoodWhere Soft Rains FellForest RiverLamenting to the MoonRunning With the WolvesYou Are the PreyThe Secret PathHewn From NatureThe Wood GateThe Giving TreesThe Wounded BoarGolden Egg WayThe Woodcutter's RunThe Wolves' ChoiceHowl of the Wolf-KingThey Also FeedThe Hollow HillsThe Spirit TreesThe Silent HedgesThe Faerie Circle
SNOFLY FOREST EASTSteady the Boar-SpearsThe Boar's RevengeNature's Womb
TOWN CENTER WESTRue VermillionThe Rene CoastroadWS Magic HammerRue Mal FaldeTircolas FlowGlaciacaldra Kirk RuinsRue BouquetRue Sant D'alsaDinas WalkVilleport Way
TOWN CENTER SOUTHValdiman GatesForcas RiseRue AlianoThe House KhazabasZebel's WalkRue VolnacRue FaltesRue Morgue
TOWN CENTER EASTRue LejourKesch BridgeRue CrimnadeWS Junction PointRue FisseranoWC Metal WorksShasras Hill ParkThe House GilgitteGharme's WalkPlateia Lumitar

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